Career Counseling

           003When working with clients with career related issues, whether is helping them on a specific field to focus on or find out if their current work environment is right for them, I not only incorporate scientific methods, strategic coaching, personality analysis,career analysis, environment analysis, but also provide customized services, person-centered approach… as every individual is a unique person in their own way. There’s no one-size fits all method when it comes to career counseling. I believe that it this kind of services must be individualized.

           I am here to help you find out who you are, what you want, what you are BEST at, what environment is BEST for you, and who you should partner with in business for success!

Some of the questions people always ask when they are seeking a career consultant or career coach:

Should I work for someone else or start my own business?

What type of jobs should I look for?

What type of work environment fits me best?

What type of work environment should I avoid getting into?

What type of people best suit me as my supervisors or my coworkers (if I get to choose)?

Who should I partner with in business?

Who could be my potential clients?

I am ready to take my career to a new level, where do I start?

I am not sure if my current job is right for me, how do I find out about that?

Should I leave this job or stay for a while?

I hate my current job but it pays well, what should I do?

I am in college and do not know what major to pick

I want to do one thing and my parents want me to do another, which is better?

I like the income and the social status of being a lawyer, a doctor or a surgeon, am I a good fit for that kind of a job?

I got laid off and should I start my own business?

I am a lawyer/ doctor/ accountant/ mechanic/ server/ whatever,  but deep down I want to be an artist/ teacher/psychologist/homemaker/whatever… what can I do about my desires?         


My Career Counseling and Coaching Services are aimed to:

Encourage creative thinkers, artists, professionals achieve their goals, transform their careers and flourish…

Guide people in careertransitions evaluate their risks and take courageous steps towards ultimate fulfillment…

Assist students figure out who they really are and what they really want to do so that they no longer switch from major to major, and become able to focus their energies on things that are meaningful to them, and move on to success…

Help lost souls find meaning, achieve clarity, power, and move forward with dedication, persistence and courage…

          However,this type of Career Counseling and Coaching Program may not be for everyone.

          This program is NOT appropriate for people who are currently dealing with severe mental illnesses which impact their thinking, perceptions, daily activities and social interactions. For such individuals, psychiatric and social services will be much more appropriate and helpful. Such mental illnesses may include but not limited to Schizophrenia, bipolar, clinical depression with psychotic features, delusional disorder, etc.

          Career counseling/coaching is NOT psychotherapy. In general,career coaches are not licensed psychotherapists. In the US, there is no requirement forcareer coaches or life coachesto possess degrees or licenses.

         Career counseling/coaching does not include job referral, job placement or job search.

         Career counseling/coaching does not involve business, financial, psychological, medical or legal consultation/advice.

        Career counseling/coaching does not guarantee a specific amount of money a person will make during or after the coaching program.

        Career counseling/coaching does not promise a person that he/she will get a specific job offer or opportunity.