Hi, I am Jenni Liu, M.F.T., an online therapist and coach. I am so glad that you are visiting my site. I have worked in the psychotherapy, coaching and training industries for most of my adult life, and helped hundreds of clients from all walks of lives with issues such as mental stress, emotional disorders, family problems, relationship problems, job dissatisfaction, career transitions, personal crisis… Aside from working with clients one on one and in groups, I also have attended numorous training seminars to better myself and my professional skills intensively and on an ongoing basis. I love to learn and love to help people make positive changes and live their best lives. I believe that everyone is here for a reason, and we as human beings all encounter different challenges at different stages in lives. And challenges make us grow into stronger beings. No one needs to go through all these challenges alone. Online counseling or coaching is a great way to get support and learn coping strategies when you are going through a difficult time, having questions about your life, identity, relationships, contemplating on making major course corrections, or wanting to learn more about yourself and gaining confidence, clarity in life and in career, etc.

I am here to help! With years of experiences and training in the field of therapy and coaching, I have decided to take my practice online so I can reach more people and be able to help more people! On the site, you will find several counseling programs that I developed based on research, case studies, and proven methods. The programs include Career Development, Assertiveness, Anger Management, Anxiety and Stress Management, Mood Enhancement, and Confidence Coaching. These programs all allow you to learn skills and strategies at your own pace as well as receiving one on one sessions directly from me. Besides the programs, I also offer one on one sessions if you decide to work with me without enrolling in any of my programs.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a time for a FREE ten minute consultation if you have questions about my programs and services.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

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