Online Counseling Programs

Online Counseling Programs 

There are several absolutely amazing online counseling and online coaching programs available right now. All of them are uniquely designed, based on proven strategies, research and case studies, etc. Here is what you get when you enroll: personalized help, one on one attention, quality online counseling or online coaching program, chat, email, worksheets, phone or video session on a secure online counseling platform. The online counseling programs are four weeks long and include one 60-minute initial assessment session and two 40-minute one on one private sessions with me through a secure online counseling platform, plus worksheets and exercises in between sessions.

Anger Management: Do you lash out verbally at someone and later on regret what you said? Do you find yourself say or do things you don’t mean to but the impulse to react is too strong to handle? Feeling angry is normal and a healthy instinct of human beings. However, excessive and uncontrollable anger leads to many problems in life, relationships, and career, and it also affects a person’s health. My online Anger Management Program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. The program guides you to challenge the thoughts and behaviors that lead to anger outbursts, helps you identify your personal triggers and learn how to effectively cope with your negative emotions and reduce destructive behaviors. The results of many client are: reduced anger outbursts, reduced negative feelings, improved coping skills, improved self-esteem, better communication skills and reduced stress level, etc. For questions and/or enrollment, please contact me here, or call 805-380-6308.

Anxiety Therapy Program: Are you constantly worried, stressed out and feeling afraid? Do you find yourself anticipating the worst scenario all the time? Do you experience pounding heart, restlessness, stomach upset, and being on edge a lot? Feeling anxiety from time to time is normal and is human. However, excessive and uncontrollable anxiety attacks can be highly problematic and extremely debilitating. My online Anxiety Therapy Program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, guided meditation, mind body therapy and holistic healing methods. The therapy will not only help you identify the negative thinking patterns that lead to anxiety, but also help you gain awareness of your own emotional and physiological responses when triggered by external or internal stimuli, and teach you strategies to cope with symptoms and achieve a calm and relaxed state of being. The results of many clients are: reduced anxiety, reduced stress, increased mental clarity and focus, increased feeling of calmness and relaxation, etc. For questions and/or enrollment, please contact me here, or call 805-380-6308.

Depression Therapy Program: Do you feel sad, hopeless and down a lot? Are you tired of those sleepless nights and fatigue? Do you feel empty, worthless and desperate? Feeling sad and down are normal responses to life’s ups and downs. We all experience “good days” and “bad days”. However, if your mood interferes with your life to the point that it affects your relationships, job, parenting, self-care, and even daily activities like eat and sleep, it’s definitely time to get help! My online Depression Therapy Program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, mind body therapy, and holistic healing methods. The therapy will not only help you identify the negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, learn that those thoughts are not “reality”, but also help you gain skills to cope with dysfunctional thinking, learn strategies to improve mood and reduce stress. The result of many clients are: reduced depressive episodes, reduced stress, increased positive thinking, increased self-esteem, etc. For questions and/or enrollment, please contact me here, or call 805-380-6308.

Online Coaching Programs 

Confidence Coaching Program: If you struggle with low self-esteem and lack of confidence in business and life, then this is the right program for you. This program will help you improve your self-esteem, end the self-doubt and build a confident self-image. You will learn simple step-by-step exercises to uncover fast and effective ways to build self-esteem. You will discover your unique brand of self-esteem and experience more moments of self-assurance and confidence. You will learn strategies to stop comparing yourself to others and start standing up with confidence and joy. You will discover self-esteem insights that set you up for success… This program is 8 weeks long. It includes one 60-minute initial assessment session and seven 40-minute weekly coaching sessions as well as worksheets in between sessions.

Assertiveness Coaching Program: 

Individual Counseling

Personal  Counseling Session: If you prefer getting your sessions one at a time, on a weekly or biweekly basis without enrolling in any online programs, you can do so by scheduling your session over the phone or via contact form.  (Sessions are 50 minutes long.) Please simply give me a call at 805-380-6308 or send me a message on the site to get that started.

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